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The Anniversaries, Births, Birthdays, Class Reunions, Deaths, Engagements, Funerals, In Memory, Marriages, Military Service, Retirements, Graduations and other events are recorded from The Press and Standard newspapers on microfilm located at the Colleton County Memorial Library, Walterboro, SC. You may view the microfilm for addition information in these articles at the Colleton County Memorial Library, Walterboro, SC or the South Caroliniana Library, Columbia, SC.

This online index does not include the actual text of the articles.  It lists only dates and newspapers in which the articles appear.  E-mail Jacqueline Gallagher at on how to order copies of articles.   

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 Newborns are not always named when the paper was published; therefore, they are recorded as the "Son of" or "Daughter of" Mr. and Mrs.

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